Friday, 29 July 2016

First light

So, there I was, I had just read that Pokémon Go had been launched in Greece. It was afternoon of the 17th of July, I was on the sofa and I downloaded the game. I knew I did not want to log in with my Google Account, for fear that Niantic would slurp my stuff and settled for a PTC (Pokémon Training Club) account. Even from the get-go, it was tough to connect and create an account and then to log into it. It took a few hours of waiting patiently sitting on my hands and a little after midnight on the 18th,nI had managed to get logged in, with the silly player name of Ivistivi (my usual online monikers were all taken, or else the crappy servers at Pokémon Go were all stuffed full of people trying to log on and my usual monikers were not taken at all, but the servers presumably had a stock response to naming attempts that were timing out).

A little after midnight, then, sat on the sofa, I managed to log in. I noticed what I learned later are Pokéstops all round the house (more on this later) and a few minutes after logging in, a Pokémon creature had appeared in my living room. Ha ha, I think I am going to teach myself how to take photos with the critter in the foreground and my piles of boxes from the move in the background, but no such luck, the phone could not detect my orientation (LoL at that) and so the Augmented Reality was turned off. And the Pokémon disappeared.

About five minutes later when I was playing around with my avatar on the loo, there he was again, a wild Charmander. Seemed easy enough to bag him. He was my first. Apparently he is quite rare, I have not encountered any more and some friends have confirmed that he is a rare one. Still no luck with my orientation, so you get to see a screenshot of him in my Pokédex, and not in my Pokéloo. Gotta catch them all: I had one, I was hooked!

My first Pokémon
Next up, adventures in visiting Pokéstops.

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