Wednesday, 27 July 2016


So there I was, I had read all the hype, I had read about people tricking their iPhones into thinking they were in the USA so that they could download the phenomenon that is the Pokémon Go game, I had even read the article about how this game was twenty years in the making – by the guy who brought the world keyhole and ingress.

I was part of the keyhole community just about the time keyhole was bought by google and became google earth / google maps, and I loved it (and still do). I had been introduced to ingress by a friend from Turkey who I met up with in Plaka for a meal. He was all excited about it and piqued my interest, but not enough for me to look into it further – in any case I did not have the sort of phone that would allow me to play such a game. As a fiercely loyal Nokia fan, I made the error of upgrading to a windows phone – yes the mobe with the huge app store. You know. App hell.

I came into a proper smartphone a few weeks ago (but not proper enough, more on this later) – so when all the fuss was raging and ingress was being mentioned, I found myself downloading the Pokémon Go game the day it became available in Greece. This is my story…

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