Friday, 29 July 2016

Going to the Pokéstop

So, next morning I wake up and seeing the text at the top of my little Charmander urging me to “Check out a Pokéstop”, that’s exactly what I did.

There was a Pokéstop just outside my house. Cool, I think to myself, I can play this outdoors-walking-around-game from the comfort of my own balcony… So out I went onto the balcony and spun the wheel and out popped three little balls (like, what are they called, anyone?). And the Pokéstop went pink and wouldn't let me spin it, and then after I had watered the plants it went blue again so I got three more balls and an egg to incubate!

Don't look for it now, this mural has been painted over...
I also noticed that there was a gym at the end of the road, and Pokéstops all the way round the block. Four Pokéstops on a one km journey round the block. Looks good. One is a church, one is a mural, one is a low relief sculpture on the façade of a stadium and one is a bust of some guy who probably deserved it. On my way out to work, I realized that you could not drive by the Pokéstops. I missed the mural, driving too fast, couldn’t stop at the Church or the bust and only refilled at the stadium before heading off.

Unfortunately (yeah, OK, fortunately), work is located in a black hole as far as Pokémon Go is concerned.

That night, Monday 18, I had an opportunity to go south to the coast and caught a water-bourne Pokémon that I have not seen since. Looks like a blue calamari and is called Tentacool – found him in the sea at Yabanaki. I now had four or five types. Apart from this and the original Charmader, there were the Zubats, the Geodudes and Rattatas and perhaps even some Sandshrews. Totally hooked, I had to catch them all…

Next up, riding round Athens, looking for Pokéstuff!

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